Introducing SmartLine™ from GoDaddy!

WebsitesMadeEasy3 - Introducing SmartLine™ from GoDaddy!
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We are very excited to announce a new product we are offering in the US, called SmartLine™!

SmartLine™ is an app for iOS and Android that gives you a second, dedicated phone number and voicemail on your mobile phone that you can use for your business. No matter what type of business you own, GoDaddy SmartLine™ will help you separate personal and business calls without carrying two phones. It allows you to keep your personal number private, look and feel like a professional, and keep overhead low.

It's easy to establish a SmartLine™ account with GoDaddy.

  • Choose your number: Search for a local number with a U.S. area code
  • Link to your smartphone: Download the iOS or Android app and link your current mobile number to it.
  • Start calling and texting: That's it! You're ready to make and receive calls and texts through the app

For more information, please visit: One phone.Two numbers. Get your free 1 month trial today from GoDaddy!image 8379150 13039004 - Introducing SmartLine™ from GoDaddy!

Please note that at this time SmartLine™ is only available for US phone numbers. We hope to add additional markets soon.

I personally use the SmartLine™ as my business second number and I highly recommend it.  Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions @ 615-930-0010.

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