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How to Create a Website with Website Builder | GoDaddy

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How to Create a Website with Website Builder | GoDaddy


Published on May 24, 2016 by GoDaddy on YouTube

Learn how to create a website with Website Builder – it is easier than you think. This video quickly explains you how you can use a template to create a website and get it online quickly. For more details visit:

Taking the leap from surfing websites to creating one? In this video, we’ll show you how a regular guy, created his real-world small business website using Website Builder.

See this website? Pretty incredible, right? Well, this incredible website was created by small business owner, Marc Rosenblum, using GoDaddy’s Website Builder.

While Marc knows a ton about brewing beer, he had absolutely no experience building websites, but that didn’t stop him from bringing his small business website, to life. Wanna see how?

First, Marc chose a Website Builder template. The template provided him with a pre-built design for his website – stuff like the basic pages, page layouts plus placeholder images and text.

Next, he set to work customizing the template. Marc swapped out the placeholder logo with his own.

He wanted info on his website beyond the four built-in template pages, so he added new ones and edited some of the existing page names.

Marc also re-ordered the pages on his site so they displayed in an order he preferred.

Next, he changed up the look and feel of the page navigation by re-positioning it on his home page, and then ramping it up with a color change.

He also wanted his hours of operation and location front and center; so he added a new text box right here in the header; pasted in his info; and then formatted the font style and color.

Marc knows his customers are active social media users, so he put various social media share buttons on his home page making it easy for them to spread the word about Santa Cruz Ale Works.

Finally, to personalize the site, Marc edited each page in the template, replacing the placeholder text with stuff about him and his family, their business, and his passion for brewing beer.

Having created a great looking website, Marc was then ready to do the back end programming to make the site interactive. Just kidding! Marc knows great beer; not code. It’s okay though, GoDaddy took care it for him.

As Marc was creating his website, GoDaddy’s Website Builder was writing all of code for his pages behind the scenes. Not only that, Website Builder came with the hosting services he needed to make his site visible. All Marc had to do to get his website on the Internet, was click Publish.

Really. That’s it. Choose a template. Customize it. Publish your site.

Well, you do have to get GoDaddy’s Website Builder first.

Still feel like it’s a big leap from surfing to creating a website? Trust us… You can do this.

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