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Top Five Website Building Tips

Before you begin building your website you should tailor a plan as to how to bring your vision to life.

Craft your site that will represents your brand.

I believe every website should have a professional-looking intro video that will catch the attention of your site visitor.  And, you may also want to create a video for your  “About Us” page.   Website visitors prefer to watch a short video rather lengthy word content.  My suggestion is to create a short video that tells your story and how your business can solve their problem.

Create Videos specific for your products and/or services in 5-Simple steps:

1) Start with a compelling title, i.e., “How To Avoid ____ in 5-simple steps.

2) Your video should give a brief introduction to the topic and mention any criteria that you’ve used in choosing the item.

3) Provide a list at lease five features and benefits.

4) Call To Action – If you’ve done a good job on the first three parts, this is where the traffic will start to flow.  All you have to do is tell your viewers what you want them to do next.  For example you may ask them to click the like button and leave comment in the comment section.  You should also suggest they they watch your other videos or visit your website.

5) Offer FREE pdf information for you site visitor to request.  For example – Your visitor may be interested in knowing more details like “How to create videos specific to their particular products and/or service.”  The 5-Simple Steps I’ve shown here are the brief steps found in a FREE pdf titled – VIDEO LISTICLE – The Powerful, Simple Formula Used By YouTube’s Most Prolific Channels To Capture Over 7-Billion Views . . . 

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  • VIDEO LISTICLE – The Powerful, Simple Formula Used By YouTube’s Most Prolific Channels To Capture Over 7-Billion Views . . . 
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